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City Center Waco is in a unique position to help potential developers and business owners pursue ventures downtown in the most efficient way possible.

City Center can step in and be a catalyst to accelerate a project that comes to a standstill and an advocate for those who need a seat at the table. And, with our knowledge of city plans, we can steer projects to fit the vision of the community while also meeting the needs and desires of the involved developers and business owners.

Examples of Accelerate & Steer in action include:

  • hand holding for new developers/businesses
  • weighing in on proposed design
  • advising people on potential value, uses, opportunities for property they’re considering buying or already own.
  • help folks with a vision find a space
  • developing incentives to fill gaps and make deals happen
  • securing design services free to developers from our Texas Historical Commission resources
  • direct participation in projects if that’s what it takes: for example, the Cotton Belt Railroad Bridge

Our Next Project:

Cotton Belt Railroad Bridge

Accelerate Steer Cotton Belt Bridge Plans

The old Cotton Belt railroad bridge over the Brazos River near downtown continues to be a project that could attract bicycle riders, diners, nature lovers and others wanting an up-close look at a part of Waco’s past. City Center Waco received the bridge last year as a donation from developer Rick Sheldon and his wife, Lisa. The bridge was built in 1907 but had been abandoned for decades. We are continuing to work with the City of Waco and the community to determine the future of the Cotton Belt Railroad Bridge and how it can positively impact Central Texas.

Accelerate Steer Cotton Belt Bridge Plans

Previous Projects City Center has helped move forward:

Hippodrome Logo
Mary Avenue Market
Magnolia Market Garden