The work of City Center Waco goes on

The front door at 801 Elm Avenue may be locked due to COVID-19 precautions but the work of City Center Waco continues, unimpeded, from our home offices, in virtual meeting rooms and on the streets of Downtown Waco.

City Center Waco’s staff of six is working regular hours on a range of projects that fit our directives of Plan, Engage, Accelerate & Steer and Manage.

The Bridge Street project is moving forward. Some parts are under construction and others are still in the design phase. We are currently getting feedback from the Bridge Street Steering Committee on preliminary designs for the project.

We are also meeting with potential users and developers for City Center Waco properties.

Work on awarding Tax Increment Financing funds is ongoing. We continue to score potential TIF projects and make recommendations to the board through zoom meetings. We are also working with existing and potential façade grant applicants and are welcoming new applications.

Daily work continues to support Public Improvement District no. 1. Under the charge of keeping Downtown Waco “clean and safe,” we have hired a new team member to stay on top of reporting on issues such as new graffiti and sidewalks that need power washing. As a precaution against the spread of COVID-19, we’ve also added the task of sanitizing high traffic touchpoints around downtown such as benches and bike racks.

Our marketing of the PID has changed in messaging but is as robust as ever as staff looks for ways to continue to promote downtown businesses and maintain the good will for and support of downtown that has grown heartily over the last several years. Our PID staff is keeping in contact with similar downtown organizations across the state and is constantly looking for ways to support downtown and its merchants.

We also are coming alongside the local chambers of commerce, the city and other non-profits to amplify important messaging at this time, from news of food bank distributions to small business resources.

Until our work day changes back to “normal,” the best way to get in touch with City Center Waco is through our email: [email protected] or reach out to staff directly.

Stay safe, healthy and positive.

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