Board of Directors Agenda, February 28, 2024

Board of Directors Agenda
Wednesday | February 28, 2024, | 3:00 PM
Location: 801 Elm Avenue Large Conference Room


1. Call to Order – Ben Lacy

2. Roll Call Vote

3. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of Meeting Minutes from January 31, 2024.
b. Approval of Financials (January 2024)

4. Ongoing Business
a. Discussion and Potential Action on Broadway Place extension request.

5. New Business
a. Independent Auditor’s Report – Diana Ward, CPA JRBT
b. Discussion and Potential Action on Independent Auditor’s Report
c. Discussion and Potential Action on time limited parking on Washington Ave
d. Discussion and Potential Action on Executive Committee nomination

6. Executive Director Report

7. Comments from the Board of Directors

8. Next Meeting: March 27, 2024

9. Adjournment


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